Acupuncture can help with a myriad of conditions, from physical pain to emotional distress. We use needles, tui na (chinese medical massage,) cupping and gua sha (a traditional technique) to remove blockages and stagnation in the body. Opening the free flow of the body's natural pathways creates space for the body to regain and maintain its natural state of health. Free flow means no pain. Free flow means that the natural processes of the body happen easily; sleeping, breathing, digesting, relating to others, focusing on the task at hand, and planning for the future. Stress is released, healing enabled, alignment gained and maintained.

Meet Acupuncturist Ariel Deva de León

I so highly recommend Ariel!  I've been getting acupuncture from various practitioners for over a decade and I can honestly say that she is one of the best that I have ever seen. -Carter K

She works with great care and attention and I always feel like she is able to get the bottom of whatever is causing the problem. -Adriane S

​​​You will feel like you are on the road to recovery from the moment you cross the threshold of her peaceful and bright studio. -Samantha H

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